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Purchase Orders - Schools and Government Organizations

If you are placing an order for a school and funds have been approved by the school, you can submit a Purchase Order, which would allow the school to be invoiced rather than pay up front. You can still process the order through our website with this option.

On the final page of checkout where you would typically type in your credit card information, there will be a drop-down arrow where you can select "Purchase Order." This will allow you to submit the order and it will be processed into our system where it will be in an "ON HOLD" status. Your order will remain on hold until a copy of your Purchase Order is emailed to us.

Email address: 

Our 10 day turn-around will begin once we have received a copy of the Purchase Order. If you do not submit the Purchase Order the same day you processed your order, the Delivery Date listed on your email confirmation will not be accurate. If you have a firm date of when you need your order delivered by, please communicate that with us so we can let you know when we must have the Purchase Order by. Otherwise, we will confirm once we receive the Purchase Order and let you know the scheduled delivery date of your order.

Once your order has been delivered, payment must be made within 30 calendar days. The options to submit payment are as follows:

- pay through the link via email that we will provide upon invoicing

- call in a credit card, debit card, or P-card 

- mail a check to the following address: 
Attn: Accounting 
905 N. Scottsdale Rd 
Tempe, AZ 85288

If you are mailing us a check, please include your order number on the check. Our website will provide you with this order number immediately after you submit your order. You will also be emailed a confirmation of your order which will include the order number.

If payment is delinquent, your school will no longer be able to submit a Purchase Order on future orders. Payment will be required up front.

This same information applies to government organizations who can provide a Purchase Order for their order.

For any other customers (including businesses, non-profit organizations, athletic teams, etc), payment is required up front on all orders.


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