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Why is it so Expensive to Print 2 Sizes of Art?

When you have two sizes of art printing on your shirts (usually only needed if you have small children up through plus size adults) it essentially doubles the setup time for your order in production. Each setup is handling separately from a production standpoint and is treated as two separate orders. 

If you are including smaller youth sizes (YXS and YS) and adult plus sizes (3XL+), here is how you can proceed with having a separate art setup per style of shirt. You will save two designs in our Design Studio. One for the youth shirts and a second for the adult shirts. Our system will recognize the two separate designs when added to the cart and you will get charged appropriately for a separate setup per style of shirt.  

We understand this may not be a cost-effective option for many customers, and if you only have a small number of children's shirts on your order, we would recommend only getting one size of art, or ordering larger sized shirts for your children, which will increase the printable area we can use. If we proceed with only a single size of art, the artwork will be sized based on the smallest size of shirt in your order. 

If you have questions or concerns about your budget and the size of your print, please contact us at or 888-487-4478.


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