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Uploading Your Art

The Steps:

  1. Upload your own original artwork or photo directly to our site by clicking ADD IMAGE

  2. Click on the UPLOAD ART tab

  3. Click CHOOSE FILE to browse files on your computer then UPLOAD your artwork or photo. (We can accept .tif, .psd, .eps, .ai, .cdr, .ppt, .gif, .jpg, .bmp and .png files.)

  4. You'll be asked to choose whether or not you'd like transparent whites (there will be an example for reference).

  5. Finally, you'll be asked to select your colors. Once completed, you'll be able to SCALE, ROTATE, and ALIGN your artwork as you would any other layer

Our design consultants are here to help. If you have additional questions on how to create or upload your own artwork, please contact us.

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