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International Shipping

We currently do not offer International Shipping at checkout, as the time and costs involved can sometimes surprise our customers. Orders within the U.S. arrive within 10 calendar days with our standard free shipping. Canadian and other international orders can have a 3-4 week turnaround from start to finish, with shipping rates starting at $30 for just one shirt, going up to $75+ for an order of 30 shirts. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a delivery date for international shipments. If you have a firm date of when the product is needed, we are likely not your best option. Additionally, there can be customs import fees, which we cannot determine but is something you would be responsible for handling. Due to the variance of prices and times, we have chosen not to offer this method, except by special request. 

If you would like to receive a shipping quote for our international shipment, email the following details to

- your full shipping address
- the product you would like to order (short sleeve, long sleeve, hoodie, etc)
- the quantity of items you would like to order

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