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Tool Guide

Not sure how to use all the features of our design studio? This tool guide will help.


Also, watch our Video Tutorials for help using these tools in our Design-Studio.

    Search our collection of clip art, upload your own artwork or search our ready-to-customize templates. Also, if you’ve previously uploaded and saved artwork, you can access it here.

    Type text to add to your design. You can also choose fonts, add text effects and adjust the type size and color.

    Put your line of text on top of a curve and set the degrees. 180 degrees is a rainbow, 360 is a full circle.

    Put your line of text under a curve and set the degrees. 180 degrees is a smile, 360 is a full circle.

    Gradually shrink your text from left to right to give it a pennant shape.

    Gradually shrink your text from right to left to give it a pennant shape.

    Give your text a wavy effect, upwards to downwards.

    Give your text a wavy effect, downwards to upwards.

    Taper and angle your text.

    Enlarge the center of your text and taper each end to create a three-dimensional corner effect.

    Curve out the top and bottom of your text to enlarge the middle of each line.

    Curve in the top and bottom of your text to shrink the middle of each line.

    Add personalized names and numbers to turn any product into a sporty uniform.

    Switch your product or color.

    Store your design in our system until you’re ready to work on it again.

    Share your cool design with a friend, fellow decision maker or your mom.

    Enter your sizes and quantities for an instant quote and recommended printing process.

    Add any special notes or instructions about your layout, art, font, color requirements, printing expectations or shipping. We promise to follow your directions to the “T”.

    Purchase your product online via our secure checkout. You will have a chance to review your design, as well as choose your sizes, quantities and shipping preferences.

    Take a mulligan on the last change you made to your design.

    Remake a change you undid.

    Groups all the art and text in your design to allow you to align, move or distress all your layers as one piece of art.

    Remove a selected layer of art or text.

    Duplicate a selected layer of art or text.

    Recreate a previously cut or copied layer of art or text.

    Give your layer a cool washed-out vintage look. Or give it to your whole design by choosing “Select All” first.

    Center your layer, or line it up to the right or left.

DELETE    Make a design you’re not liking go away.

EXPAND    Drag corners of your layer to enlarge or shrink your text or art.

SCALE    Change the width or height of your art or text.

LOCK    keeps the width and height of your art or text in proportion to each other when you adjust the size of one of them. Unlocking allows you to distort your art or text by changing your height or width separately.

ROTATE    Rotate your art or text on an axis by using the slider tool or typing in a degree.

COLOR    Use a color palette to change the color of a selected layer of art or text.

DRAG LAYER    Want to move your text in front of your art? No problem! Simply, drag the layers up or down to move the layers around on your shirt.

MORE OPTIONS    Use this feature to access the ADD OUTLINE, FLIP and DISTRESS features.

ADD OUTLINE    Add a thin, medium, thick or heavy outline to any of your text in any contrast color.

FLIP    Reverse your text or art horizontally or vertically. You can copy a layer and then use this feature to create a mirrored image effect.

DISTRESS    Get that instant vintage look with just one touch of a button.

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