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Trademarks & Copyrights

We love when our customers can express themselves by making unique t-shirts on DesignAShirt, but the keyword is unique. If your design includes a copyright or trademark that we can reasonably assume you do not have the right to, we reserve the right to cancel your order. However, by using our services you agree that you have full legal rights or have otherwise obtained permission to use all images you included in your order and you take full legal responsibility. 

Instances of well-known company or brand logos we would question include:

  • Nike, UPS, or Coca-Cola
  • Team logos, such as Pittsburgh Steelers or St. Louis Cardinals
  • Photographs of celebrities or well-known figures (unless you took the picture)
  • Cartoon Characters, such as Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny
  • Images of record albums, concert posters, or movie posters

If you found an image on the Internet, chances are good that someone else has rights to it.


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