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2 Sizes of Art

Are you ordering shirts for small children and big adults? You may be wondering what your design will look like on that range of shirt sizes.

Normally, when you place an order, we fit the design to the smallest size shirt in the order, and use that print size on the rest of the shirts. This could mean that if you order a child's size extra small and an adult XXXL, your print may appear small on the big shirt.

If you'd like your design to be more proportionally sized to your range of shirt sizes, we would recommend a second size of art. The easiest way to accomplish a separate setup for youth vs. adult sizes is to save a separate design for the youth style of shirt in our design studio. You will be able to add the mens/adult design and youth design to your cart and process a single transaction. Each design will have its own set of artwork sized for production. Feel free to contact customer service for additional information! 

Please note, it is not required that you order 2 sizes of art, and sometimes it is not necessary at all. If your design is smaller than about 9.5 inches, if your design just covers the left chest area, or if your design has personalized names and numbers, we do not recommend two sizes of art. We have a great art team that will use their judgment to size your design for the best look on all sizes.

Here is a visual of what your order MAY look like, depending on one or two sizes of art. All orders are different, so contact us if you have questions!


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