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Understanding Artwork Setup for Youth and Adult Shirts

Welcome to our guide on artwork setup! DesignAShirt offers digital and screen print methods through our website, each with its unique setup process. This article will help you understand these processes, ensuring you make an informed decision during checkout when both youth and adult sizes are needed.

Digital Print Method: Flexibility with Multiple Artwork Sizes

  • Artwork Adaptability: Digital printing offers the flexibility to use multiple sizes of artwork in a single order. This means that your design can be digitally adjusted to fit different product sizes more proportionately during the printing process.
  • No Extra Cost: One of the significant advantages of digital printing is that incorporating various artwork sizes comes at no additional charge. This is ideal for orders with a wide range of product sizes.
  • Keep in Mind: Digital printing is typically used on smaller orders. A bulk order with a wide range of youth and adult sizes will likely be recommended for screen print.

Screen Print Method: Considerations for Proportionate Artwork Sizes

  • Uniform Artwork Size: Screen printing uses only one artwork size per order across all product sizes. This is due to the nature of the screen printing process, which involves creating a screen (essentially, a heavy-duty stencil) for each color in the design. As a result, we size the artwork based on the smallest size included in the order, and the same artwork size is used for all items, which can affect how the design appears on larger sizes.
  • Proportionate Design Impact: It's important to understand that with screen printing, a design may look different on a small youth item compared to a larger adult one. Especially, on larger plus sizes of 3XL and above, the design could appear disproportionate. Separating the youth and adult sizes into their own orders would be beneficial when trying to maximize the printed space on a shirt and keep the outcomes proportionate. 
  • Additional Costs for Multiple Setups: If you require different artwork sizes for a screen print order, each size needs its own screen setup. Therefore, orders with multiple artwork setups will incur additional costs and must be placed as separate orders.
  • Details to Consider: The largest we can print on a YXS t-shirt is 9.5" wide by 10.5" tall. If you are comfortable with that sizing on the adult t-shirts, you can proceed with a single saved design and include both the youth and adult sizes during checkout. If you prefer to have a larger art setup for the adult shirts, that is when you'll need to separate the youth and adult shirts into their own orders. This is done by saving two separate designs in our design studio, adding them to the cart, and proceeding with the checkout process.  
    • Design 1: Family Reunion - Adult
    • Design 2: Family Reunion - Youth

The estimated price difference for a basic cotton tee with a 1 color, 1 placement design:

  • 100 shirts - one art setup for all sizes: $8.00 ea.
  • 100 shirts - two art setups (50 youth shirts, 50 adult shirts): $9.00 ea.

The estimated price difference for a basic cotton tee with a 1 color, 2 placement design:

  • 100 shirts - one art setup for all sizes: $11.00 ea.
  • 100 shirts - two art setups (50 youth shirts, 50 adult shirts): $12.00-$13.00 ea.

Please note, it is not required to have two art setups, and sometimes it is not necessary at all.

If your design is smaller than 9.5 inches, if your design just covers the left chest area, or if your design has personalized names and numbers, we do not recommend two sizes of art. We have a great art team that will use their judgment to size your design for the best look on all sizes.

We understand that all orders are different and that customers have different budgetary restrictions. If you have questions or concerns about how your artwork would be sized based on the size range of your order, please contact us at or 888-487-4478.

We hope this guide has helped set your expectations with how artwork is sized for the print methods we offer. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to bringing your custom designs to life!

Below is a visual of what your order MAY look like, depending on one or two sizes of art.



Here is a helpful article for you to consider: What is The Difference Between Screen and Digital Print?


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