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Greek Licensing

Attention Fraternities & Sororities!


DesignAShirt is a Greek Licensed Product vendor, which means we have to follow some strict rules when it comes to printing designs for certain organizations. If your fraternity or sorority is listed HERE, your design will be sent to Greek Licensing (Affinity Marketing Consultants) for approval.

Don't Get Denied!
The following design elements are sure to be denied by licensing:

  • Alcohol references
  • Inappropriate language or gestures
  • Sexually explicit inferences


DesignAShirt is not affiliated with every organization in the list above, so if we are not approved to print your design, a representative will contact you.

Turnaround Time: guarantees a standard turnaround time of 10 days. If your design needs approval by Affinity, or if your design requires changes, it could take 2-5 additional business days to complete your order. Unfortunately, we have no control over how quickly Affinity approves or denies designs.


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