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Women's vs. Junior's Categories

Please consider these differences when purchasing a Women's tee vs a Junior's tee to ensure proper product choices and fit. 

Women's Category:

  • Classic fit that run true to size. (think of the women's dept when shopping at the mall)
  • A more modest, tapered cut.
  • Tend to have a wider range of sizes.
  • A comfortable fit for all ages.
  • Popular brands: Hanes, Port & Company, Champion, and Sport-Tek.

Junior's Category:

  • Form-fitting, sizing runs small.
  • Snug/narrow fit on all sizes - not a noticeable difference in width from size to size.
  • Tend to have a more limited size range.
  • Think "teen fit" when looking at items in the Junior's category.
  • Popular brands: Next Level, Bella, American Apparel, and Alternative Apparel.
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