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DesignAShirt in response to COVID-19

DesignAShirt takes the COVID-19 pandemic seriously and is committed to keeping our employees, their loved ones, and our customers safe. We will continue to strive to give our customers a wonderful experience while keeping the public's well-being a priority and following CDC guidelines. Below is our response to frequent questions surrounding our current circumstances.

How is DesignAShirt protecting our employees?

 - All staff members in positions with remote potential are working from home. This has drastically reduced the number of people we have in the office and enforces social distancing practices. We have strategically implemented a staggered production schedule to continue operations while distancing our production crew to our fullest ability. No team member is allowed within six feet of each other. If an employee experiences any symptoms of illness, they will be sent home and unable to return for two weeks. A clearance from a doctor is required to ensure a safe return for both the employee and team members. We will continue to adapt during this fluid and unprecedented time and encourage employees to follow the guidelines set forth by the CDC.

How is DesignAShirt protecting its customers?

 - The actions we have taken to keep our employees safe and healthy coincides with the safety and health of our customers. Keeping a minimal amount of people in our facility protects both our employees and customers. Although we primarily operate online, we do have an office presence in Arizona that typically allows for customers to pick up. Instead, we are covering any shipping expenses and offering to ship/courier packages to our customers. This allows our customers to remain safely at home and limits extra bodies within our office. In addition, mandatory cleaning (both professionally and employee-based) takes place on a continuous basis within our office and production areas.

Will DesignAShirt be able to fulfill my order?

 - Yes, we will continue to operate at full potential during these challenging times for as long as our health and government allow. We are staying in communication with the vendors who supply us with our blank garments. If a particular product or color happens to become unavailable, we will promptly reach out to you to go over substitute options. We are fortunate to have numerous long-term relationships in place with our vendors and are confident we will have the ability to provide an excellent experience for our customers.

Will COVID-19 cause my shipment to be delayed?

 - This is a legitimate concern. DesignAShirt will do everything in our power to ship out orders in a timely fashion. There are certain states, such as CA, NY, and WA, who may have unexpected delays due to protocols set in place for packages arriving in their areas. Our couriers are experiencing unique demands due to travel restrictions and having to dedicate an extra effort to provide relief supplies to areas that require it the most. Due to the phenomenal impact of COVID-19, we are unable to guarantee delivery dates at this time. We appreciate your understanding and if you do have deadline concerns, please reach out via phone, email, or chat to proactively plan accordingly. Our team is in Arizona and available from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

Can I get refunded if my event is canceled or postponed?

 - Please contact us asap if the details surrounding your event change. We will do our best to work with you but once your order is in production, we are unable to cancel or issue a refund. T-shirts have been a great way to connect people, even from afar, and we hope that in the event of a cancellation or postponement the shirts can still serve as a positive reminder of the event's purpose.

How will the holiday season be affected?

 - DesignAShirt continues our best efforts to meet all of our guaranteed delivery dates. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic combined with an elevated holiday courier demand, we are unable to continue this guarantee for the foreseeable future. We will still do our best to meet these dates and appropriately handle the production side of order fulfillment but cannot be held accountable for variables out of our control, which include courier delays due to demand and weather. With these circumstances in mind, we will not be accepting returns or issue refunds for delayed delivery dates. We appreciate your patience as we learn to navigate the challenges we are all facing during this difficult time.


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