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Can You Match Specific Colors in Our Design?

Yes! is the simple answer, but the print method being used does play a factor. If you have at least 6 pieces in your order and are using screen print, we are able to match colors using the Pantone Coated color library, also known as PMS colors.  This color code will be a 3 or 4 digit number ending with a "C". Contact us to see if there would be a mixing fee for the PMS color(s) required for your logo.  

If you don't have access to these color codes, our artists and production team will use their expert eye to match your colors as closely as possible based on what we see on our monitors. Keep in mind all monitors are calibrated a little differently, and your screen may preview colors a little differently than ours do.  Also, matching something printed on paper (like a business card) isn't always easy because those are printed using uncoated Pantone colors or CMYK colors. 

If you're ordering less than 6 shirts or your design has a lot of colors in it, the print method will most likely be digital print. This print method uses CMYK color mixing. The machines look a lot like your printer at home, but ours are designed for printing on fabric. While the printer can capture full-color and detail very well, it cannot match PMS colors. We can set up the art file in a specific PMS color and the CMYK color mixing of digital print will interpret that file as best as possible. There may be slight variations in the colors printed vs. what is showing on the computer screen. 


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