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Ordering the same design on multiple shirt colors

Need the same design on multiple shirt colors?  No problem!  It doesn't cost anything extra to change the shirt colors in the order, and all of your shirts will contribute to the bulk pricing.

At checkout, enter the total number of shirts you need in each size as if you were ordering all shirts in a single color.  Then, off to the left-hand side of the page in the box labeled "Design Notes", type out the sizes and quantities of each shirt color you would like.  These notes will look something like this:

Deep Red: 5S, 5M, 5L, 5XL
Deep Royal: 5S, 5M, 5L, 5XL

Then, complete checkout as usual!  These notes will override the original size/color selection.  


**Important!** Ink changes are $5 per color, per location that the color needs to be changed.  For example, if you order black shirts with white ink and specify that you'd like white shirts also, we'll need to change the ink color to something visible on those shirts.  Be sure to specify in the print notes what ink color you'd like us to print on those items.

If your order contains different styles (ex. men's and ladies) please email our help desk at for a custom quote and assistance with placing your order.


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