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How do I add a design to the back of my shirt?

In the bottom left corner of the Design Studio, you'll find a yellow arrow for "switch sides" (outlined in red below). This will flip the shirt over and allow you to add your own design to the back! Click again to switch back to the front.

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    Grant Prete

    When adding long names to the back of a baseball shirt the design studio shows the name overlapping the sleeves. I'm just wanting to confirm that your techs will condense the name so it fits on the back without overlapping, or arc the name like a rainbow to make it fit.

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    Hi Grant!  We wouldn't print over the top of the seams at all.  Baseball tees have a bit less print space on the back, but we can always put longer names on two lines if the name is more than one word.  If it's just too big, we would reach out to see if we could shorten it.

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