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Can You Print Neck Labels for My Clothing Company?

Absolutely! Custom neck labels add a unique, professional touch to your custom t-shirts, making your brand stand out.

Pricing depends on the quantity per shirt size:

We have a 24-piece minimum per size of shirt for our standard printed neck labels. If you have a smaller order and would like to see if custom neck labels are an option, please reach out for a custom quote and additional information.

A helpful tip is to include multiple designs to hit the 24-piece minimum per size of neck label. As an example, you can print 12 size small shirts of one design and 12 size small shirts of a separate design to hit the 24 total required for that neck label size. 

Key factors to consider for your neck label

1. Single-Color Logo: Your logo must be a single color to align with our neck label printing capabilities. In this case, simple is best!

2. Size Parameters: We work within a 2" square parameter for neck label printing. This is the maximum sizing our equipment allows, plus, it ensures that your label is visible and legible without overwhelming the garment.

3. Single Pass of Ink: We print a single pass on ink on all fabric colors and materials. This means that certain colors will not be as vibrant as they appear on screen. We recommend an ink color that is darker than the fabric and sticking with a grey or white ink on dark fabrics.  

4. Information to Include: Please note, that your custom label must include the country of origin and fabric content for the shirt you've selected. Our art team can assist with these details if needed! 

5. Existing Tag: We require the use of a product with a tearaway tag. This allows us to easily remove the existing tag before printing your custom neck label. 

6. Setup Fee: There is a $25 per size setup fee for your initial order. The setup fee is reduced to $10 per size on reorders. For example, sizes S-XL would have a $100 setup fee on your first order and a $40 setup fee on reorders.

Hang tags instead of printed labels

Another option is for us to apply hang tags to your shirts. You can either provide your own hang tags or we can print them for you at an additional cost and extended production timeframe. The application cost is $.25 per hang tag. 

Getting Started

Ready to enhance your t-shirts with custom neck labels? Contact us with your shirt sizes, quantities, and design details for a custom quote. Our team will assist you every step of the way and provide a seamless experience!

Click HERE for information on buying for your fashion or clothing line. 


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