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Can we print from seam to seam and/or can we wrap the print around the shirt?

Sorry, we do not currently offer "all-over" printing, but we can do some wrap prints. On adult sized shirts, we can print up to 14x14 inches, and on orders over 50 shirts, we might be able to print a little bigger at 15x17 inches. Ladies shirts and kids shirts have smaller print parameters- usually about 9x9 inches. Due to these print constraints, we can't print all over the whole front or back of a shirt. If a shirt does not have any seams on the sides, we can wrap around the bottom part of the shirt, like around the hip area, as long as it doesn't exceed those maximum print sizes. If you have a very special print in mind, please contact us at the time of placing your order so we can make sure we meet your expectations.

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