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Purchase Orders - Schools, Corporations, and Government Organizations

If you have an official purchase order with a school, corporation, or government organization, you will need to submit it for review versus placing the order through our website. This will allow the organization to be invoiced rather than pay upfront. Since this option cannot be selected at checkout, you will need to email us for assistance with processing your order.

Email address: 

Details to include: 

- Design name
- Size breakdown
- Shipping address
- Contact Name & Phone Number
- Copy of the Purchase Order
- Your in-hands date for delivery

Our standard 10-day turn-around will begin once we have received a copy of the Purchase Order and it has been approved by our Accounting department. Once we have processed your order, we will send you an email confirmation that will list the order details and anticipated delivery date. 

Once your order has been delivered, payment must be made within 30 calendar days, unless otherwise dictated by the Purchase Order, and approved by our Accounting department. Depending on the billing details listed on the Purchase Order, we will either email and/or mail an invoice to the appropriate recipient. The options to submit payment are as follows:

- Pay by card or Apple Pay, via an emailed payment link
- Call in a credit card, debit card, or P-card 
- ACH or other electronic processing, as available
- Mail a check to the following address: 
Attn: Accounting 
905 N. Scottsdale Rd 
Tempe, AZ 85288

If you are mailing us a check, please include your order number. You will obtain this information from us once we have processed your order. 

If payment is delinquent, your organization may lose eligibility to submit a Purchase Order on future orders. Payment will be required upfront.

For any other customers (including businesses, non-profit organizations, athletic teams, etc), payment is required upfront on all orders.


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