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How Much to Add a Sleeve Print?

The additional cost to add a sleeve print depends on the artwork, product, and quantity of your order. Our Design Studio only quotes for a 2 placement design, with that most commonly being a front and back print. We do not have a "side" view that allows for a true sleeve print placement. If you are printing on the front and sleeve (or back and sleeve), there is a way to save this option and get priced correctly through our website since this is still a 2 placement design. Once you are done creating your front design, switch to the "back" side of the shirt and place your logo/text as best as possible on the sleeve you wish to print on. You can now save your design and begin the checkout process. You will have the option to enter Design notes during checkout where you can confirm that you would like the sleeve to be printed on (not the back of the shirt). 

For a 3 or 4 placement design (such as a front, back, and sleeve OR front, back, and both sleeves) you will need to get custom quoted by one of our representatives. 

The first step will be to save your design is our Design Studio. Complete your entire design which includes placing the sleeve logo/text as best as possible on the sleeve(s) you would like to print on. Once saved, we can easily pull up your design with the email address used when saving. 

The next step will be to email us at with the following details: quantity of shirts you need, design name, and email address the design is saved under (if different than the email address you are using for correspondence). 

For screen print orders (minimum order of 6), you will receive an all-inclusive quote from us based on the number of colors in each placement of your design.

For digital print orders (direct-to-garment/dtg - most commonly orders under 6 pieces) there will be a flat rate of $5 per sleeve, per shirt. 

Once we have the details of your order, one of our reps will reply within 24 hours with a custom quote. If you have additional questions, please feel free to call us at 888-487-4478.


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