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Can I Get One Shirt Printed as a Sample Before Ordering More?

If you are ordering a very large number of shirts and require a sample before printing, we have a few options that may be able to help. 

1) Digital print sample. This sample would be using our digital print process, which ranges in cost between $20-40 per item. This is the most affordable way to get a shirt printed with your custom design. However, if you place a very large order later on, your new order may be printed with screen printing, which has a different look and feel. This is a good option if you are just trying to sell your "idea." If you need your sample to be EXACT before you place your order, see the other options below. 

2) First Shirt Photo Proof. This is a good option if you know you are ready to place an order, you just want to make sure it looks perfect before we print them all. For this process, you'd place your order as usual, but arrange with us to take a picture of the first shirt on the press. This is a really time sensitive process, and we'll need you to be "on call" for the photo approval. We will get your entire order ready to go, print one, and show you the picture. If everything looks great, we print the rest right at that moment. If you make a change at this point, there may be extra charges and your order will be delayed. If you schedule a proof and do not reply within 1 hour, you will be charged $35 per color for your design to be removed from our press and set up at a later time.

3) First Shirt Overnight Shipped. Similar to the option above, you place your entire order at once. For this option, we will actually print and mail the first shirt to you with overnight shipping service. There is a $25 extra charge to do this option, but you'll see it in person instead of a photo. We'd need your approval within 1 hour of the delivery time (per the carrier, such as FedEx, UPS, etc) or you will be charged $35 per color for your design to be removed from our press and set up at a later time.

4) Lastly, you CAN order just one screen printed shirt. The cost for this option starts at $50 and could go up to $120+ depending on your design. If you choose this option and then later place a larger order, we can credit part of your sample purchase toward the new larger order. 


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