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Why is my order on hold?

There could be a few reasons your order is on hold. We first recommend checking your email (including your spam folder) and voicemail to see if someone if our office has contacted you explaining why your order is on hold and what we need from you.

These are the most common reasons why an order is on hold:

Payment - payment is required up front for us to begin production on an order. If you have selected to pay with a check, your order will remain on hold until the check is received. If you have put your order through as a Purchase Order, but are not a school or government organization, payment must be made either with a credit card or check for us to begin production. Our 10-day turn-around begins once payment has been received.

Waiting on a Purchase Order - if you are a school or government organization and are providing a Purchase Order, your order will remain on hold until the Purchase Order is either emailed or faxed to us to prove that funds have been granted for the order. Our accounting department must have a copy of the Purchase Order on file for us to invoice you for the order.

Quality of Artwork - sometimes when a customer uploads their own art file, the resolution is too low for us to print. This would cause your order to be put on hold until we obtain better artwork that we are capable of printing.

Trademark or Copyright violation - We are unauthorized to print any logo, design, painting, CD Cover, mascot, etc. that is protected by trademark. If a customer uploads an image that includes something that is trademarked, we will put the order on hold and contact the customer. We can either change the design so nothing is trademarked or we can cancel/refund the order.

All of these reasons could cause a possible delay in your order. We do our best to contact a customer as quickly as possible to resolve any of these circumstances. Please communicate with us if you have a deadline of when you must have your order by, otherwise, we will provide you with an updated delivery date once your order is taken off hold.


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