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Can you help me create a design?

If you need assistance with your design, please email and we will let you know if your request is something our art department can do for free or if an art fee would apply. Most simple requests can be done at no charge.

The more details the better such as attaching the logo you want printed, the color(s) you would like to use, adding an image for reference if you have a concept in mind (even an image you find on Google would be helpful), the style and color of shirt you would like to print on, where you would like the design placed on the shirt, etc. 

If you just need help mocking up a design or adjusting a design you have already started, chances are an art fee would not be necessary.

If you have an intricate drawing (maybe low resolution, gradients/shading) then an art fee may be necessary. Custom art requests are typically quoted at $45 per half hour. The art fee would need paid up front before we can begin on your request and the finished artwork would be emailed to you within 48-72 hours. If you feel your design needs some additional work, we will do one revision for free, but additional changes may require additional charges.


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