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Can I Place My Order in Person?

Are you looking for a sample? We don’t stock too many shirts here, so please call to check availability before stopping by. Sometimes samples may take 48 hours or more to arrive in our warehouse.

Do you need help placing an order? Our team is usually tied to their keyboards and headsets assisting with processing orders by web and phone, so if you would like to stop by, please call us to set up an appointment and we can assist in processing your online order. All orders must be processed through our website but we can arrange to assist in person if needed! 

Do you need help with your artwork? Feel free to make an appointment to stop by and drop off your materials. Typically, art requests are processed in the order they are received so it may take 2-3 days to receive a proof after dropping off. If you are able to scan an image and email it, that would be great too!  


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