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Uploaded image DPI

To ensure the best possible outcome of a printed shirt, we recommend uploading high-resolution images.

To check the resolution of your image using a PC, follow these steps: 

1) Right-click on the file/image preview on your computer.
2) When the menu appears, scroll down to "Open With" and select "Paint".
3) Once open in paint, click on the "File" menu, select "Properties"
4) Look for DPI toward the top of the information window. 

To check the resolution of your image using a Mac, follow these steps:

1) Right click on the file in the Finder
2) Click "Get Info" and look for "More Info" section
3) You will see resolution and dimensions here

If your image is less than 300 dpi, it is possible you won't have the best outcome on your print. We recommend sending your image into our help desk to have a professional review it and confirm whether or not it will print well. If your image is low quality, we may recommend having your art re-drawn into a vector file format, or finding a similar higher resolution image, and we can assist with either of those options. 

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