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Can I Sell My Designs?

In most cases, yes you can sell the designs you create and purchase through our Design Studio. We encourage our customers to use their creativity with the understanding that their designs need to be unique. Here are some examples of safe designs that can be ordered and then sold for profit:

  • Any combination of our text and/or clipart.
  • Any original artwork that you have created either digitally (Ex: in Illustrator or Corel) or by hand (such as a drawing or painting). 
  • A logo that you have paid a professional to create for you. 

Designs created using our design studio fonts and clipart are not the exclusive property of the customers who designed them. Purchase of our printing services does not equate exclusive rights to the design. 

Click HERE for an understanding of using Trademark and Copyright images through our website. If you have any concern about the legal responsibility involved, we recommend contacting an attorney for professional guidance. 

Click HERE for information on buying for your fashion or clothing line.

Please keep in mind, we are not a fulfillment or distribution center. We do not hold onto bulk orders and ship out 1pc orders as you receive them from customers nor do we offer a storefront through our website for customers to purchase your designs at a price you set. The process of order collection and distribution would be your responsibility. 

We love to hear from our customers and would be happy to assist with any questions or ideas you have. We can be contacted at or 888-487-4478. 


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